We run the following Live For Speed™ Servers 24/7, All our servers run the latest patch . LFS can be downloaded as a torrent or from LFS.net

We have a simple ‘Respect other drivers’ policy on our servers. Basically this means, if someone want to seriously race, let them, don’t intentionally get in their way. Keep offensive language to a minimum & respect the flags.

TCRBlackWood (Demo Drivers)
TCRSouth City (S1/S2 Licence Drivers)
TCRFern Bay (S1/S2 Licence Drivers)
TCRAston (S2 Drivers)
TCRKyoto Ring (S2 Drivers)
TCRWestHill (S2 Drivers)
TCRDemo (Demo Drivers)
TCRS1 (S1 Licence Drivers)
TCRS2 (S2 Licence Drivers)

While it is not listed as a service we offer, we are able to host LFS servers on request. Please get in touch with us if you would like us to host an LFS server for you.

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