Can I have my own channel?

We create personalized channels for groups only. If you want to suggest a channel for a particular game then let one of the admins know.

Can I become a Moderator or have rights to kick / ban / mute / whatever?

Per channel Moderators have mute / deafen rights in their channel(s) only, we try to keep this as one person from your group that’s online the most, or two people for larger channels. Ask an admin for more info.

Global Moderators or Senior Moderators are people who have kick / mute / deafen / move / channel creation rights server wide. This means they can take action against anyone on the server that’s causing problems / spamming etc , even if that person is in a channel moderated by someone else. Becoming a Senior Moderator requires you to prove you are fair and are familiar with the rules and follow them yourself. Usually Senior Moderators are approached by the admins and offered the opportunity, not the other way around. However if you feel you are deserving of this right then have a chat to an admin about it.

I try to connect but get an error “Wrong Password”, what’s wrong?

This happens when you don’t have the certificate that’s linked to your username. For example a user called Bob cant log on as Jim cause Jim’s certificate file is different. To fix this problem you can either find your old certificate (its a file called “MumbleAutomaticCertificateBackup.p12”), which will be linked to your username & then import that into mumble. Or you can create a new certificate and choose a new username. In some cases an admin may be able to remove the link between your certificate and your username, so you can get your old username back. Please get in touch with an admin to see if this is possible.

We have a clan / guild / corp / club that wants a server at mumble.co.nz, how do we get one?

Groups need to decide on a member to represent their group, it may be the group leader or the person who organizes events on behalf of your group. This person needs to contact an admin with details such as how big your group is , when the bulk of your users are likely to be on the server, whether you will want a private server only accessible to your group or anything over and above what we offer already.

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